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The ENERGY GEORESOURCES LABORATORY (RLEG) performs research, laboratory, engineering, expert consultancy, information qualification and other activities in the field of energy georesources. The Laboratory organizes, co-ordinates and integrates the work of experts from different institutions with experience and high qualification in this field.

Based on integrated information massifs at different scale performs analyses, synthesis and assessments in the field of regional geology and for the aims of prospecting, exploration and geological background for development of fossil fuels accumulations and sites for underground storage of natural gas and carbon dioxide (СО2):

  develops integrated historical-geological models of basin domains in complex thermobaric environments;

  studies the hydrocarbon potential and performs geological zoning of prospective territories onshore and offshore;

  assesses potential resources of fossil fuels in particular regions;

  elementarizes stratigraphic sections of sedimentary formations of diverse lithological and facies type based on lithological, physical and other parameters;

  studies lithological, physical, physicochemical and fluid dynamics properties of reservoir systems of different type;

  performs zonation of reservoir system domains by characteristic parameters;

  assesses geological prerequisites, conditions and possibilities for underground storage of natural gas and СО2 in potential storage targets of different type;

  studies physical and physicochemical aspects of the mechanism of processes accompanying exploration of hydrocarbon accumulations and underground storage of natural gas and СО2;

  develops physicochemical, hydrodynamic, hydrochemical, mathematical and other specialized models for polyphase filtration in reservoir systems of different type;

  performs standard and specialized laboratory and other studies of reservoir and isolating rocks and bed systems

  compiles information packages and other documents for licensing contests  in the field of prospecting and exploration of geoenergy deposits;

  organizes different forms of training of specialists and carries out expert consultancy, information and other activities in the sphere of its competency.



















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